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Building A House – Mistake No. 2

The process of buying a house is the biggest thing most people hope to achieve. Building a house is a step much further. The process is very simple if you know what you are doing. However, mistakes occur when in experienced self builders decide to go it alone. Here we present our second mistake to avoid.

Building a House – Mistake No. 2.

Self builders Do Not Appoint Professionals

Professionals are experts in their field. Sadly, just because a self-builder can cook a Sunday roast does not make them a chef. Appointing professionals should be a high priority. It will make the whole process simpler and the final result will be one you want rather than one you have had to compromise on.

You should get an Architect on board early. Maybe even before you exchange contracts on the site. PS9 Architects Manchester offer a specialist Plotfinder Feasibility service. This service will help you find the perfect site, or avoid you buying the wrong one.

Architects are trained to look for opportunities or problems even the most diligent person might miss. That goes for the rest of your design team too. The earlier you have a complete team on board the better your new home will be, and not to mention cheaper. A coherent and happy project team will create a better project. The best projects are always realised when the Client and design team work together well.

Planning policy has become very complex. PS9 Architects Manchester know their way around the planning system. Creating the right design and steering it successfully through the planning system is no easy task if you are not an expert in such matters. Few self builders are equipped to tackle this themselves and you will almost certainly need to recruit expert help. My advice is, whoever you choose, make sure they are highly experienced and have a proven track record.

Building a house Passiv Haus Passivhaus Lancashire - Wensley Meadows

PS9 Architects Manchester are experts at home architecture design. If you would like to talk with a professional about your home architecture project, give us a call on 0161 401 2009. Alternatively, use the contact form by clicking here.

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