Building Methods

Energy Price Cap – Comment

We heard from Labour Party in the 2015 General Election their solution to manage rising Energy Prices. Again we hear similar voices from the Conservative Party – An Energy Price Cap. Read more →

How Much Will It Cost To Build A House

PS9 Architects Manchester are currently working throughout the UK on new home designs. One of the most common questions we are asked is – how much will it cost to build a house? There are more FAQ here. There are a number of factors that will influence how much will it cost to build a house. In brief these are: Read more →

Architect Builders Manchester

If you are looking for a firm of builders Manchester, PS9 Architects Manchester, are the only firm of Architects in the Manchester Area that offer an Architect led Design and Build service for new home design projects. Read more →

What is Passive House – The basics

What is Passivhaus (Passive House)?

Passivhaus (passive house) buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling. They are built with meticulous attention to detail and rigorous design and construction according to principles developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Read more →

Insulated Concrete Formwork

A Modern Method of Construction

Insulated Concrete Formwork creates cast in place concrete walls that are sandwiched between two layers of ridged insulation material.  The use of Insulated Concrete Formwork systems create strong and energy efficient structures. Read more →