New Home Design

Interview with an Architect

Doctors, Solicitors, Architects, we’re all human, but taking the first step to hiring an Architect, for some unknown reason, is like entering the unknown. I suppose people are more familiar with Doctors and Solicitors. Read more →

Specialist Architect Design and Build Builders in Manchester

PS9 Architects Manchester offer a specialist Design and Build Service for homeowners.  We are the only firm of Architects in the North West which offers a complete single point of contact design and build service. If you are looking for a firm of builders in Manchester, Read more →

Building a House – Mistake No. 3

Building a House – Mistake No. 3 is the third in our series where we use our experience of the mistakes people make when design designing and building new home design. The process is very simple if you know what you are doing. However, mistakes occur when in experienced self builders decide to go it alone. Here we present our third mistake to avoid. Read more →

Building Insurance. Proceed with Care

Insurance requirements when extending your existing home or building a new is a very complex process. We will try to simplify the insurance requirements with this very brief guide to Building Insurance when renovating and/ or extending your current home and building a new one. Read more →

Energy Price Cap – Comment

We heard from Labour Party in the 2015 General Election their solution to manage rising Energy Prices. Again we hear similar voices from the Conservative Party – An Energy Price Cap. Read more →

Architect Design and Build. Builders in Manchester

If you are looking for a firm of builders in Manchester, PS9 Architects Manchester, are the only firm of Architects in Manchester that offer an Architect led Design and Build service for home design projects. You can read more about this service by clicking here. Read more →

Planning Permission – The Process

Planning permission is a licence to build your project subject to adhering to other Statutory requirements. It’s the first step, and most important, to building any type of building. We have outlined below the key points to understanding the planning permission process. Read more →

Building a House – Mistake No. 1

PS9 Architects Manchester design, develop and build new home designs throughout the UK. From our experience we have decided to prepare short blogs that highlight mistakes made by potential self builders who seek the challenge of building a house on their own. Read more →

Luxury Home Design Trends – Home Automation

Home Automation is the latest trend for luxury home design.  The futuristic utopia is available now to create the highest form of luxury available.  Like all other aspects of new home design, a home automation system should be designed for the individual home and the requirement’s of the home owner. Read more →

Luxury Home Design Trends – Open Plan Living

Whilst not strictly limited to luxury home design trends, the concept of open plan floor space is not new.  Open plan living has many advocates who love the idea.  However, the common complaint I always hear from opponents is Read more →