Permitted Development Rights – Single Storey Extension

Homeowners can perform certain types of building work to their home without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called Permitted Development Rights. In some parts of the country, known generally as ‘designated areas’, permitted development rights are more restricted. In this instance you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas. For example if you live in: Read more →

Land For Sale With Planning Permission – Comment

There are pros and cons to searching for Land For Sale With Planning Permission.  Here we are going to look at the key points. Read more →

Building A House – Mistake No. 2

The process of buying a house is the biggest thing most people hope to achieve. Building a house is a step much further. The process is very simple if you know what you are doing. However, mistakes occur when in experienced self builders decide to go it alone. Here we present our second mistake to avoid. Read more →

Planning Permission – The Process

Planning permission is a licence to build your project subject to adhering to other Statutory requirements. It’s the first step, and most important, to building any type of building. We have outlined below the key points to understanding the planning permission process. Read more →

Building a House – Mistake No. 1

PS9 Architects Manchester design, develop and build new home designs throughout the UK. From our experience we have decided to prepare short blogs that highlight mistakes made by potential self builders who seek the challenge of building a house on their own. Read more →

Manchester House Plans for Extension

Plans for extension of your home will be your first point of call when thinking of extending and renovating your home.  However, there is a lot more than you might think to extending your home if you want to avoid stressful situations. Read more →

Planning Conditions

Achieving a successful outcome for a planning application is one of the biggest concerns potential Clients have when we talk to them in the early stages of their project. Read more →

Building a House in the Greenbelt. What you need to know.

Building a House in the Greenbelt

Building a house in the greenbelt is a dream for many. But, ask a planning expert and they will tell you, you have no chance, except in special circumstances.

The trouble with planning experts is they only see the picture relating to planning policy. They don’t see the bigger picture like we do. We understand the meaning of these special circumstances that will get any prospective homeowner a new home in the countryside. Read more →

How to get Planning Permission when The Planners Say No

Applying for planning permission when planners say NO, well, we say Yes.  Who won?  PS9 Architects in Manchester are currently working throughout the UK on new home designs and Architect house plans.  The work ranges from high end luxury new home designs to simple contemporary interventions in listed buildings.  The most common question we get asked is: Read more →