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Luxury Home Design Trends – Open Plan Living

Whilst not strictly limited to luxury home design trends, the concept of open plan floor space is not new.  Open plan living has many advocates who love the idea.  However, the common complaint I always hear from opponents issmells from the kitchen will travel through the house.  I sometimes wonder if opponents to the idea dislike the smell of a bacon sandwich and whether they have heard of a kitchen extraction hood.  Unless the boxy home they occupy has air sealed doors, smells from the Kitchen will travel!

Utilising an Open Plan Living Concept

Open plan living does not necessarily mean living in one large space.  Dividers and dwarf walls can be used to define different space requirements.  You could also have walls which can be moved into different positions enabling you to crate a more flexible living space.

open plan living

In a luxury home design, utilising the concept of open plan living creates a more social space and is perfect for entertaining.  Depending on the floor plan there is normally a central point where people can mingle, engage in conversation.  The open plan concept can be taken further by having folding or sliding doors which open out into a large patio area creating a much larger inside/ outside open plan living space.

open plan living

The open plan living concept allows a greater degree of freedom especially if you have a young family.  A large open space allows you to be in the kitchen area whilst keeping an eye on young children.

The requirement for a draft lobby is no longer required following improvements in  performance of the building fabric.  Therefore, there is no longer a requirement for hallways.

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