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Manchester Architects – Who we are?

Manchester Architects, PS9 Architects, are a boutique Architecture, Design, Planning and Construction Studio, based in the heart of Media City UK, Manchester.

PS9 Architects (Penrith Studio Nine), named after its sole principal and regulated Architect, Wayne T Penrith. Established in 2009 following over 20 years in architectural practice at home and abroad. He felt there were no established firms who embraced his vision for a Modern Architecture Design firm. This Modern Architecture Design firm approach means our Clients projects are designed to their requirements and executed to their expectations, without compromise, through our in-house Construction Management Service.


The boutique nature of the studio means we will only work on select projects.  This results in a focused and personal service to individual Clients looking to build or develop their own homes.  If you are looking for a firm of Manchester Architects, contact us here.

The studios core ideals are:

  • To create excellence in Architecture and Design
  • Be central to the construction process ensuring the design is executed to our Clients expectations, without compromise
  • To create error free and well coordinated design
  • To empower cutting edge technologies to build easier, simpler and above all better buildings
  • Ensure our Clients enjoy a personal relationship with their projects and to be stress free during all stages of the process

Our Skills

Conceptual design

Architectural design

Interior design

Planning Consultancy

Project/ Construction Management

Construction drawings

Energy efficiency design and analysis

Itemized material quantities and budgeting

Manchester architects

All of our Clients benefit from our full expertise. Our Manchester Architects services are tailored to every Client and their new home design project. Our designs are always developed to the same standards and level of detail.

This, alone, makes our architectural services better then the norm.

Manchester architects

Things we do

Custom Build Homes

Manchester Architects, PS9:Architects, work throughout the UK designing and developing new home designs for Clients who see the benefits of living in a home that has been designed around the way they live rather than the way developers think they know how you live.  Every design we prepare, is designed for you, to meet your needs and wants and the way you live.  Some of the benefits of living in a Custom Build home are:

  • It is designed just for you and your family
  • You will have the freedom to design it the way you want it
  • It will be a unique design shaped around the idiosyncrasies of your site
  • You can define and create dedicated spaces and dictate the layout of your home
  • You could include an artist studio, a sound proof music room, a gym, a swimming pool. The list is endless and only limited by you and your requirements
  • Your energy bills will be lower because of our experience at designing and building high performance building fabric
  • Your maintenance and repair bills will be lower

All this adds up to a healthier and better standard of living, lower cost and more money to do the things you dream of.

Your new home design will start with one of our Discovery Select services.  You can read more about this here.

Planning Approval

Obtaining planning approval is one of the top five issues we hear most often when someone decides whether or not they will go ahead with an idea to build a new home or extend an existing one.

The problem with planning situations is, no one can tell you before you submit a planning application whether you will get permission to build. We have been involved in several projects where during pre-app discussion, the planning department indicated there would be absolutely no chance of approval being granted. Despite this, the application was submitted and the process was straight forward and approval was granted with no onerous planning conditions.

We no longer advise Clients to pay for pre-app discussions because it is a waste of time and puts you immediately on the back foot.

Manchester Architect, PS9:Architects, have a high success rate of achieving planning approval. Especially in difficult situations. Whether your project is in the Greenbelt, a National Park, part of a conservation area or a listed building get in touch here for an evaluation of your project.

Eco Renovation

Manchester Architects, PS9:Architects are experts in Eco focused design solutions.  Whether you are looking for a Passivhaus design solution, or looking to make your existing home more energy-efficient and healthier. Our Clients benefit from our experience at designing and building better and more energy-efficient homes which starts with a thorough analysis of your project requirements.

Design and Build

Manchester Architects, PS9:Architects, is the only firm of Manchester Architects that offer an in-house Construction Management service and employs experienced Construction Managers. This allows us to provide a unique Modern Architecture Design Firm approach.

We spend months designing and developing our Clients new home designs to their exact requirements. We take our Clients requirements and create an expectation in that design. Unfortunately, we found once the Client hired a builder, without Architect oversight, the design was changed because the builder could build it cheaper or quicker for the builder but the result has always been an end product which failed to meet the Clients requirements and always looked like a compromise.

Our Construction Management service provides a fully costed design solution; delivered to the Clients requirements without compromise and without any nasty surprises.

Our experienced Construction Managers work with specialist ‘time served’ trades to complete your project to the highest standards.  You can read more about our Design and Build service by clicking here.

Your new home design will start with one of our Discovery Select Workshop. You can read more about this here.

Meet the Principal

Wayne T Penrith | Architect

In one form or another, architecture and design has always been a part of my life. For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in making things, taking things apart and putting them back together. As a child I also had a love for drawing and making things with Lego, Meccano and playing in sand pits. All of this naturally led me into the profession of being an Architect.  My enjoyment for designing and making things continues to this day.

My curiosity as an Architect has taken me overseas to explore new cultures and technologies. I have worked for leading home design architecture firms in North America and commercial firms at home in Manchester. Many of the projects I designed were celebrated and won awards. This experience defined my working methods and responses to how we live and work and had a major influence on PS9 Architects Modern Architecture Design Firm approach.

Today, as sole principal and business owner of PS9 Architects in Manchester I continue to be passionate about Modern Residential Architecture Design and seeking the creation of enjoyable, healthy and life enhancing spaces through design. I am strongly focused on environmentally responsible architecture and always seeking new ways to optimize and reduce the energy needs of new home designs.

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