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Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is the next generation of design technology for the construction industry. Since we established our design studio in 2009, PS9:Architects in Manchester have been utilising the benefits of Building information Modeling (BIM) software. PS9:Architects in Manchester identified the benefits of BIM software technology over a decade ago and maintains itself at the leading edge of the technology for the benefits of all our Clients projects.

Traditionally, Architects, use 2d CAD software and export their 2d designs to 3d software to produce glossy images used in presentations. BIM is more advanced. BIM allows us to work with real world building elements and precise site models to solve problems such as how a building project interacts with a site and its surroundings.

BIM is also a process for creating and managing the design and development of our Clients projects from inception to completion and throughout the life cycle of the building where necessary. In lay mans terms, BIM is an advanced computer software package where we will design your home from the ground up using the latest 3D technology software.

At the outset we are developing our Clients projects through a real world three-dimensional computer. For instance, on new home designs we take the topographical land survey and build a real word computer model of the site and its surroundings.

BIM gives us a complete set of advanced tools and visualisation capabilities where we can understand how different parts of your project goes together, and if what we are designing will really work the way we want it to.

The traditional way an architect will work is by producing drawings in CAD which are error prone and ridden with a lack of coordination between the Architects design and other designers such as, the Structural Engineer. These errors cause confusion for the builder, which turns into mistakes, delays and extra cost.

The key benefit to our Clients is when they hire PS9:Architects in Manchester is we figure everything out at in detail at the design stages and solve all potential issues.

Expert BIM Application of Your Project

PS9:Architects have over 10 years experience in designing and building projects using real world Building Information Modeling software. You can read more about us here.  Our work flow is based entirely in BIM and we keep leveraging the technology and tools to drive our work forward and improve what we do. This is applied to every project we work on. If you would like to talk with one of our BIM experts call us on 0161 401 2009. Alternatively, use the contact form by clicking here.

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