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Advanced Presentation Tools

Exploring and Understanding Your New Home Design

PS9 Architects in Manchester will design your new home project in a fully detailed 3D Real World Virtual Model.  Developed through our advanced Building Information Modeling software you will be able to enjoy your new home design interactively in the comfort of your home or place of work.

Using a tablet, laptop or desk top computer you will be able to view  your home interactivity before work starts on site. We give you the capacity to fully walk through your new home design, or fly around it to fully understand the design and provide valuable feedback that helps us fine tune your new home design to your liking.

This method of working and communicating the design challenges to you creates a working process with less revisions and shorter design period. More importantly, through a greater understanding of your new home project you become more immersive in the process and becomes more enjoyable for you and your family.

New home project

Reducing Changes During Construction

Our unique way of communicating your project design and development enables you to understand your project before breaking ground. All elements of your new home design project will be included in the real world virtual computer model. If it’s not in the model it won’t be built. You will be able to interactively explore your new home design and understand the space in your home and how the space flows from room to room.

Traditionally, it is not until work starts on site that Clients start to understand how the space in their new home project looks and feels.  This is high on the list of reasons for changes during construction.  Through our unique method of communicating with you, you understand your project design earlier in its development process and better.

New home project

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