Architect Led Design and Build

Architect Led Design and Build

PS9:Architects in Manchester offer a full in-house Design and Build Service. No other Architect in the Manchester area offers this service for new home designs.

Traditional Method of Building

The traditional method of building a new home design was the Design-Bid-Build.  The Client appoints an Architect to design their new home, obtain planning permission and other statutory approvals. The Architect obtains prices from builders (Bid) and appoints a builder before the building process begins.

This can be quite a long process because there is no overlap of stages.

The traditional Design-Bid-Build approach is still valid for many projects. However, we experienced situations where the Client did not want to retain the Architect in the traditional role to oversee the building process. Clients with no experience in managing building projects found themselves at the mercy of builders who sought claims for loss and expense resulting in budget and time over runs.  The diagram below shows how the traditional Design-Bid-Build system works:

Design and build

Problems With New Home Building

There are many stories of building projects gone wrong which puts people off building or renovating their home. Here are a few concerns we hear often:

  • Wont get planning
  • Cost over runs
  • Delays
  • Poor construction
  • Infighting between, Clients, Builders and Designers

The cause of all these problems is the traditional Design – Bid – Build system.  It is designed to be adversarial where builders have to put in the lowest price to win the bid. The winning builder will exploit every opportunity to earn more through delays or design changes during construction.

PS9:Architects in Manchester offers a fully integrated project delivery system which improves on every element of project delivery. Communication, Cost, Programme and Quality.

How What We Do Is Different – Design and Build

PS9:Architects in Manchester offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution for you new home design.  We provide:

  • Architect led design and build service
  • Interior design service
  • Planning service
  • Construction service

The service we offer means your new home design is designed by PS9:Architects and it can be Built by PS9:Architects.

The unique service we offer creates opportunities to lead our in-house design and build teams through progressive iterations during the design and build process instead of producing sequential, schematic, design, construction drawings and contract administration documents. Our approach puts design and building on equal footing at the outset. Design and Building considerations become inextricable from each other until each stage is optimised. Our approach allows for a dynamic, recursive process rather than a linear one.

As you can see from the diagram below, these continuous feedback loops extend the phase in which the design and construction teams produce a more informed design.  Each iteration is progressively informed by budgets, continuously improving information and most efficient construction techniques.

Design and build

Benefits To Having Us As Your Builder

  • Improved Communication. There will be a single point of contact. There will be no need to deal with a seperate builder.
  • Value for Money. At every stage of the project your new home design is checked for cost over runs.
  • The process will be quicker.
  • Fewer disputes because we will be your only point of contact.
  • Better quality outcomes.  We only use experienced time served trades.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Better control over budgets
  • Lower construction cost
  • The Client remains involved throughout the projects development.
  • The process of design and build is live and dynamic. The Client can make better and more informed decisions resulting in better designs
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PS9:Architects in Manchester is the premiere residential design and build firm designing and building new home designs throughout the UK.  This service is offered only to new build projects.  Read more about us here or call us on 0161 401 2009 or use the contact form by clicking here

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