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Regulated Architects by ARB

House Designers, PS9 Architects in Manchester, are regulated Architects.  The Architects Act 1997 sets out a legal framework for regulated Architects and defines who has the legal right to use the title `Architect`. The Architects Registration Board (ARB) keeps a statutory register of all Architects in the United Kingdom. All Architects who meet the standards and requirements for education, experience and practice are included in the register.

Definition Of Regulated Architects

ARB sets out certain criteria that regulated Architects must adhere to.  For instance:

  • We have a code of professional standards written by ARB.  A copy can be seen here
  • We must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to a minimum value of £250,000
  • Maintain competence through knowledge and skills relevant to our professional work and your project requirements
  • We are expected to be professional, truthful and act in a responsible manner
  • We must provide adequate professional, financial and technical resources when entering into a contract with all Clients
  • There should also be a written agreement

You can find out more information about regulated Architects and the Architects Registration Board here.


ARB is not a membership organisation.  Therefore not everyone can be registered with ARB.  Further confusion occurs when consumers think an Architect needs to be registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).  This is not the case.  RIBA is a membership organisation. RIBA remit is to promote Architecture, lobby government etc. Virtually anyone can be a member of RIBA but only Architects can be registered with ARB.

Manchester Architect,  PS9:Architects, are a regulated Architects.  Confirmation can be found by clicking here.

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