Architects Design Guarantee

Peace of mind

All Regulated Architects are guided by the Architects Professional Code of Conduct.  A copy can be downloaded here.  Standard 1 states, “Architects should be honest and act with integrity”.

Specialist Residential Architects, PS9 Architects in Manchester, want all our Clients to design and build their new home design with confidence. Before you choose your residential architect.  PS9:Architects will provide you with the following guarantees as standard:

Residential Architects Design Guarantee

Since September 2015.  For all design, development and execution of your project, residential architects, PS9 Architects in Manchester, will provide all Clients with an insurance backed guarantee for a period of 6 years for all work carried out by PS9 Architects.

PS9 Architects Manchester Promise Guarantee

If for what ever reason you are not satisfied with the service you receive from us at any time and decide to leave us.  All you have to do is tell us and we will help you transfer to any other firm that you think will do a better job of making you happy.

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