Questions we hear often

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  If you cannot find what you need here follow the link at the end.

1.  Are you insured?

Yes.  The Architects Registration Board who manage the register of Architects requires all registered firms of Architects to have a minimum of £250,000 professional indemnity insurance.

2.  Do you guarantee your work?

Yes.  All projects benefit from a 6 year design guarantee

3.  Who will design and work on my project?

The design studio is run by its sole principal Wayne T Penrith | Architect and he will be the main contact for your project.  He likes to be hands-on and will be the principle designer but will delegate various activities to other members of the experienced team.

4.  Are you registered with the Architects Registration Board?

Yes.  The principal and business owner Wayne T Penrith is a regulated Architect.  You can confirm these details here.

5.  Why are PS9 Architects in Manchester not members of the RIBA?

There is no legal requirement for Architects to be a member of RIBA.  RIBA is a membership organisation and virtually anyone can be a member.  We find this confuses consumers who believe a company needs to be a member of RIBA.  RIBA tends to be London centric and we have taken a commercial decision not to be members.

6.  How much will my project cost to build?

The construction cost will depend on the level of specification you want to achieve.  As a minimum we start with an estimate of £1650/m2.  Higher specifications, more complex sloping sites or historic contexts will require a higher rate/m2.

7.  How much would you charge to design my new home?

This is the most asked and most difficult question to answer.  There are far too many variables to take into consideration.  For instance, is the site in an historic area or an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Is it a sloping site or a flat site or is there a complex planning situation.  Our fees are based on the requirements of individual projects.

8.  Do you provide a free consultation?

We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation.

9. Downloads. What’s the catch? Are they free?

All our downloads are free. You just have to put your email address in the form to receive them. You can download them by clicking here.

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