How We Work

A Modern Architecture Firm Approach

What can PS9 Architect Manchester bring to your project? We offer a complete holistic approach to you project.  We can help you realise your ambitions and guide you through the design and construction process. Do not be under any illusion in thinking the process is straight forward. The reality of life is not like any of the grand design type programmes you have seen on TV. All PS9 Architect Manchester have trained for at least 8 years and been in Architecturally practice for at least 10 years.  We know how to get you from A to B.

You will benefits from a service which extends beyond producing a set of drawings. We handle the paperwork, bring value for money, imagination and peace of mind to your project, whilst keeping it on track and on budget. You will also benefit from  a number of advanced tools to help us achieve this.  You will benefit from an Architect Led Design and Build Service and the most Advanced Software available.

PS9 Architect Manchester do not follow the 8 core RIBA work stages. This is over complicated and really established for large commercial projects.

The service you will benefit from is a unique (only to us), streamlined method of project design, development and execution.  You will benefit from a refined 5 stage structured approach: Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Technical Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction. Within each phase, there are a series of steps, consultation and coordination to work through, and objectives for that phase. Often these phases overlap, and the design process frequently continues as details are refined during construction.

At the beginning of each stage you will be presented with a project road map, specific to your project. This will set out key objectives for each stage.

Step 1 | Preliminary Design

First, we need to understand why you are looking to hire a firm of Architects and what your project aspirations are.  For instance, what are you hoping to achieve?  Together, through an in-depth consultation we establish an understanding of the needs and wants – a wish list.

Before we start developing design options we start with a site and environmental analysis.  This will document the site to identify its natural features, idiosyncracies, and context.  We will require a up to date site boundary plan and depending on the type of project we will obtain a survey of the existing building or a topographical survey of the land.  We will also carry out an analysis of planning policy to determine the statutory requirements

We will define exactly what is required to start the design process and ensure you achieve the maximum from your budget and to the highest standard.

Step 2 | Detailed Design | Design Development | Planning Approval

We take the information established in the previous stage and set out a project road map so you understand what will happen during this stage.

During this stage we will begin to examine the potential of the building in various configurations. A series of initial sketches are the first attempt to transform the Clients Brief into a plan, and locate the building on the site. The intent is to deal more with environmental and spatial relationships than the “feel” of the spaces.

We investigate various options to determine the general layout and direction of the project. We ask the big questions about how you want to live and ultimately how the space around you will to be resolved.

Working with 3-dimensional real world computer model allows us to develop better designs that work at the outset.  Various options are developed and presented to you as 3d image.  Once you are happy with the design we prepare more detailed drawings and reports in preparation to submit your project design for planning approval.

Determination of your planning application normally takes 8 weeks.  During this period we liaise with the planning department making sure you get the best outcome.

Step 3 | Technical Design | Building Regulations & Statutory Approvals

Once you have achieved Planing Approval we prepare a project road map so you understand what will happen during this stage.

This stage of your project is about taking the detailed design and updating it to include more technical information and to show compliance with the Building Regulations. The construction details are worked out, materials specified, consultants and their drawings are coordinated. All applications for building regulations and other statutory organisations are made.

Step 4 | Construction Documentation

This step prepares your project to be built as we have designed it.  This stage is different from the previous stage. Over the years we have come to understand that some believe you can build from the information produced in the previous step. This is not the case. To build, stress free, the constructor will require detailed drawings and setting out information coordinated with the Structural Engineers design and specialist trades such as frameless glazing suppliers.  That is, if they are to build your project designed to your requirements.

Step 5 | Construction

At this stage, PS Architect Manchester give their Clients a number of options. Depending on how you appoint your constructor we will either:

  • Act as your construction manager and build your design without compromise. This is the most common option as it is most stress free for Clients.
  • Act as your project manager and oversee the execution of the build by your chosen constructor
  • Let you manage the project yourself

PS9 Architect Manchester in-house Architect Led Design and Build service provides continuity throughout the entire design and construction process.

However you choose proceed. During construction we work closely with our clients and their contractor or construction manager to ensure the project proceeds smoothly and in accordance with the applicable building regulations. We can be available to assist the contractor in resolving any issues that arise during construction, deal with any unexpected situations, and provide supplementary details as required during construction.

PS9 Architect Manchester work throughout the UK on modern new home designs. You will benefit from our Modern Architecture Firm approach that will execute your entire project as a whole. If you like how we work give us a call on 0161 401 2009 or use the contact form here. Still a bit unsure, learn more about us here.