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Planning Permission – The Process

Planning permission is a licence to build your project subject to adhering to other Statutory requirements. It’s the first step, and most important, to building any type of building. We have outlined below the key points to understanding the planning permission process. Read more →

Plotfinder Specialist Feasibility Service

PS9 Architects Manchester are experts in establishing what works when assessing the potential of a site. Our specialist Plotfinder feasibility service benefits Clients who want to Read more →

How Much Will It Cost To Build A House

PS9 Architects Manchester are currently working throughout the UK on new home designs. One of the most common questions we are asked is – how much will it cost to build a house? There are more FAQ here. There are a number of factors that will influence how much will it cost to build a house. In brief these are: Read more →

Architect Builders Manchester

If you are looking for a firm of builders Manchester, PS9 Architects Manchester, are the only firm of Architects in the Manchester Area that offer an Architect led Design and Build service for new home design projects. Read more →

Building a House – Mistake No. 1

PS9 Architects Manchester design, develop and build new home designs throughout the UK. From our experience we have decided to prepare short blogs that highlight mistakes made by potential self builders who seek the challenge of building a house on their own. Read more →

How Much Will A House Extension Cost

PS9 Architects Manchester are currently working throughout the UK on new home designs. Over the last 10 years extending and renovating your existing home has been made easier with changes to the planning system.  Read more →

Manchester House Plans for Extension

Plans for extension of your home will be your first point of call when thinking of extending and renovating your home.  However, there is a lot more than you might think to extending your home if you want to avoid stressful situations. Read more →

Planning Conditions

Achieving a successful outcome for a planning application is one of the biggest concerns potential Clients have when we talk to them in the early stages of their project. Read more →

PS9 Architects Manchester – The Value Of Good Design

PS9 Architects Manchester believe in the importance of good design and the value it brings to those who occupy the buildings we design.  Using an architect might seem like a luxury, but if you’re renovating or building from scratch an Architect could actually add value to Read more →

Questions To Ask a Firm of Architects

Hiring an Architect to help you develop your new home project is a wise move.  We have spoken before about the benefits of hiring an architecture firm and how architects can save you money. Read more →