We have put together 9 crucial questions everyone who is looking to hire an Architect should ask before they appoint an Architect to design their new home design.

our best ever project checklist for new home designs.  Once you have decided to build a new home this document is your next step.

Who is this E-Book for?

This E-Book is for anyone who is considering hiring an Architect to design their new home or extending or remodelling an existing home.

What is it?

  • Its free!
  • Its a 12 page .pdf document
  • There are questions for you to ask a potential Architect
  • There is background to each question so you can make an informed decision about the response to the question from the Architect
  • It is written in easy to understand language
  • You can save it on your computer or device
  • You can print it out

How will you benefit.

If you feel ill, you go to the doctors and you automatically know what to ask your doctor.  However, you are unlikely to hire an Architect on a regular basis.  Hiring an Architect does not need to be complicated and these 9 critical questions are there for you to make a more informed decision about who to hire to design your new home.  You wouldn’t buy a house built on poor foundations and this checklist helps you get your project off on the right foot.

Download Your Free E-Book Before You Hire An Architect

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