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Comparing Apples with Apples

Are thinking about building or renovating your home for your family.  For your new home design make sure you choose an experienced firm of Residential Architects.

Confusion arises when Clients come across Architectural Consultants or Architectural Designers.  These are not Architects and are not regulated by the Architects Registration Board. Confusion also arises when Clients come across `Joe Blogs` Architecture firm. There is a chance they too are not Architects either.

This is not the fault of consumers.

What is it the Architect Comparison Chart?

[list_check] [li]Developed to make it easy for you to understand what you are likely to get from the various disciplines[/li] [li]You can compare apples with apples when appointing an Architect[/li] [li]Its free![/li] [/list_check]

How will this help you?

[list_checkgrey] [li]You will understand what an Architect does and what other disciplines don’t do[/li] [li]It will also show the true value an Architect brings to your project[/li] [li]You will have the knowledge to make an informed decision[/li] [/list_checkgrey]

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