What Do Architects Do

Do you really know what an Architect does?

We draw lines, yes but did you know:

[list_checkgrey] [li]Architects submit planning applications[/li] [li]Architects write detailed specifications and prepare detailed drawings to enable you to build your project[/li] [li]Architects select, negotiate with, and manage all contractors[/li] [li]Architects ensure construction site comply with Health & Safety[/li] [li]Architects deal with certification of building projects[/li] [/list_checkgrey]

The list goes on and on and this guide will help you understand what an Architect can do for you on your project.

What is the What Do Architects Do Guide?
[list_checkgrey] [li]Its free[/li] [li]16 page .PDF document[/li] [li]Easy to understand questions[/li] [li]Sent direct to your email inbox[/li] [li]it can be saved on your computer and printed[/li] [/list_checkgrey]
How will this guide help you?

It will help you establish clear expectations you should expect from your Architect.


what do architects do


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What Do Architects Do?
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What Do Architects Do?
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